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Heartbreaking Loss ends Colorado Avalanche’s Season


Wednesday night’s game 7 overtime loss the Minnesota Wild proved, that there is till room to grow. The season was a success for the Avs who had some stars emerge. Nathan MacKinnon , Gabe Landeskog, Tyson Barrie and Paul Statsny were keys to the great season.


The Avalanche still had a successful season. Colorado won the Central Division Title and the hearts of their fans again. The Avalanche created some buzz again in the city of Denver.


All series long the wild and Avalanche traded goals, momentum, leads, confidence and game 7 was no different. The wild erased three Colorado leads in game 7. The game was filled with intensity. The 5-4 loss was a heartbreaker for the Avs.


It was a year that saw Nathan MacKinnon take the NHL by storm. Semyon Varlamov had his best year as a goaltender. Gabriel Landeskog toke another step forward in becoming one of the league's top captains.


The Avs' top-six forwards as a whole had amazing season. Forward Matt Duchene finished with 70 points and was the top scorer, and four others recorded at least 60 points. Colorado ended the year with the league's fifth-best offense, and it was a big step forward for a team full of young talent.


The Colorado Avalanche could be without star center Paul Stastny next season. Stastny will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. The question is will he stay or will he go?

There two top-six forwards that need to be re-signed, and there is a chance that they could lose one this summer. Tyson Barrie will need a new contract, and while he won't break the bank, it makes sense to set him up on a deal that doesn't enable him to burn the Avs for more money later.

Overall the Colorado Avalanche made some great strides this season. Some offseason moves could be made to help bolster the team. The team has showed some talent and ability to surprise.



Elizabeth Lovato

Colorado Avalanche Correspondent



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