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The Wings are Wheelin’

The Red Wings are coming off a week that consisted of: 
- A grind-out regulation win against a Leaf team they’re battling with for a playoff spot
- A wild, last second OT thriller against the highly skilled Penguins
- 3 of 4 points in a home-&-home series with the Wild
- And… Oh yeah… The continued scoring dominance of Gustav (Goose) Nyquist! He’s got more goals (18) than any other player in the NHL since mid-January.

It was less than a week ago that I couldn’t get over the injury problems in Detroit, but the kids from Grand Rapids have really been coming through. When the Wings were killing off a 5-minute major penalty at the end of regulation, in a tie game with the Pens - and at a time when the team desperately needed the points in the standings - who was out there against Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Kunitz, and Niskanen? LANDON FERRARO - In his second NHL game! Now that’s a sign of confidence from the coaching staff. It’s amazing to see how well these young players have been developed, and the kind of poise they have to be able to play in those kinds of situations. To start this week Ferraro is headed back to GR and Mitch Callahan is going to have his shot - making his NHL debut Tuesday night in Columbus. 

Speaking of Columbus… Getting points this week is going to be even more important than last week. Unless Tampa or Montreal get on a solid losing streak, Detroit is going to be fighting for a wildcard spot against Columbus, Toronto, and Washington (in case you needed a list of teams to cheer against). This week, all four of the Wings games are against teams I just named (Tues-@CBJ, Thurs-MTL, Sat-@TOR, Sun-TBL). If you’ve got an extra ticket for Saturday’s game in Toronto, your donation could make a direct contribution to improving these articles… I haven’t gotten my press-badge quite yet. 

This just in: As I was writing this, Pavel Datsyuk’s twitter announced that he’s started skating and hopes to return soon. We can only hope!


Jon Behich

Detroit Redwings Correspondent



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