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Chris Osgood, Hall of Fame?


4   titles in this town that rarely get praise, but plenty of blame, governor . Mayor of Detroit , lions QB and of course Red wings Goalie.  Chris Osgood is a 3 time cup winner , 2 as a starter and got them to game 7 of the finals and just nearly won his 4 cup,    3 rd as a starter. He's the 10th to record 400 wins, top 10 in.all time wins, top 10 in goals against, and top 5 in save percentage,  so how is he not.a hall of famer? ? Was he to quiet as Lou Whitaker and Trammell were in this town, was he overshadowed by Stevie Y, Nick and Federov, maybe to all the above, but the above numbers tells me he's a sure lock hall of famer,  and to deny him just cause he was minutes from winning his 4th cup and 3rd as a starter is a farce. His career was built over a long period of winning, not a couple minutes of a loss, and yes Stevie, Nick and Sergei were GREAT, but it was Osgood stopping the other team. 



Fredi Bello, Pizzaman




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