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The Winter Classics


Old time hockey is the foundation of what we see today. Playing outside in the freezing cold. The snow and the rain making the ice more sleek. Even the temperature even causing fog, adding to difficulty of even just playing the sport. It's exciting to just think of the roughness of old time hockey; hardly any protection, goalies with no mask, and barely any rules. Well, it's not quite like that anymore. The spirit is there, but we need to protect our players. That is why there is "The Winter Classic."

This year The Winter Classic was played at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia. Unfortunately, the Flyers got defeated by their rivalry foes the Rangers. Prior to the game there was excitement and fun; like the alumni game. Alumni games are fun to watch. Just see if your old time favorite players still have, well, maybe to see if they can handle it. Granted, it depends on the age group.

The day after 2012 Winter Classis game rumors and talk was already flying through everyone's ears and T.V. sets. Where was it going to be at? Well, there was only just one placed talked about; Detroit. Let me correct myself...who was going to host it; Detroit. Yes, The original six. Even better another original six will be there; Toronto Maple Leafs.

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The game will be played at the Big House (Michigan Stadium) in Ann Arbor. It will be held on January 1, 2013. "These rivals will set this event to a new, record-setting level," predicted NHL commissioner Gary Bettman during the news conferences at Comerica Park and Michigan Stadium. He adds, "Even with 115,000 tickets available, we still won't be enough to satisfy demand." The holding record of sitting sold is 2008 Winter Classic at Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium between the Sabers and Pittsburgh Penguins of 71,217.

Those who plan on going should get those tickets fast. Viewers will not be only seeing red and white but blue and white as well. I grantee that there will be a great mixer of both. Detroit is known as "Hockey town" but Toronto is called “The Center of Hockey Universe." So "Hockey Town" vs. "The Center of Hockey Universe" is going to be the best Winter Classic by far. Detroit and Toronto only meet up once every season, but when they do it's an event to watch. Now having it as a Winter Classic is one for the books.

What else can make fans love this game more? Answer, playing outside. How can you top that? Have Detroit Red Wings vs. Toronto Maple Leafs. I don't have to hope to see old time hockey. I know I will. With these two teams the Hanson Brothers will get their old time hockey they love so much. The bad part is we all have to wait almost a whole year. I believe it will be worth the wait; like aged fine wine. So my only question for you is whose side are you choosing: Red or Blue?


By: David Salcedo
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer
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