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No Intensity Here: the Jets Lose to the Jackets, 2-1


Dreaded November has set in for the Winnipeg Jets, and it’s looking a lot like October – and October was odious. Losing 7 out of their 11 games last month should have been a forewarning to the fans and coaches about things to come. Every once in a while a good team will come roaring back and beat division rivals into the ice. That of course takes a certain desperate intensity, which the fans are calling for, already.

Tonight’s 3 periods of boring against the Columbus Blue Jackets was good enough for the Jackets but was another blow for the Jets and anything but desperate intensity. Winnipeg has lost 5 straight, and the narrow 2-1 loss will drag the team further down in the rankings. Worst still, it’ll discourage a team already discouraged. For the first 10 minutes of the game, the Jets struggled in turnovers, which resulted in a quick first period goal by Columbus’ Ryan Johansen. He would later score the Jacket’s only other goal in the third period.

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Winnipeg’s lone goal came late in the third and was scored by Mark Stuart. It was surprising. Columbus had the man advantage, and yet, instead of terminating any hope for a comeback, it seemed to awaken the struggling Jets from their offensive stupor. You could sense the all of a sudden desperation in them as they skated harder and faster. They pounded into the Blue Jackets, stayed tighter around the puck, moved with purpose and strength. It was as if they abruptly knew how bad it looked to be shut out by one of the league’s worst teams, and maybe, after an offensive game of procrastinated effort, they could turn things around and at least extend the game into overtime. It was a last minute rush for a win, not out of any confidence, but what the fans are calling for – desperate intensity.

Winnipeg’s next game is at home against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning have won their last 3 out of 4.



By :Aaron Talbot
ProHockey-fans.com Staff Writer
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